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The Personal Health Record (PHR) is a tool that can be used to collect, track and share past and current information about your health care or the health of someone in your care. Sometimes this information can save you money and the inconvenience of repeating routine medical tests. Even when proceduresPersonal Health Records, Medical Records, PHR do need to be repeated, your PHR can give medical care providers more insight into your personal health story.

It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for making decisions about your health. A PHR can help you accomplish that.

Important points to know about a Personal Health Record:

  • You should always have access to your complete health information worldwide.
  • Information in your PHR should be accurate, reliable, and complete.
  • You should have control over how your health information is accessed, used, and disclosed.
  • PHR may be separate from and does not normally replace the legal medical record of any provider.

Medical records and your personal health record (PHR) are not the same thing. Medical records contain information about your health compiled and maintained by each of your healthcare providers. A PHR is information about your health compiled and maintained by you. The difference is in how you use your PHR to improve the quality of your healthcare.

Take an active role in monitoring your health and healthcare by creating your own PHR. Personal Health Records are an inevitable and critical step in the evolution of domestic and international health information management.

Medical Treatments Management recomends to our applicants, members, and clients, the free Microsoft Health Vault for their health information management. There are several optional paying services within the network system that can provide additional uses and benefits.

MTM provides a secure Health Record Form as an option to connect the needed Information to the physicians. This options is requested in the MTM Treatment Application.

A PHR and current medical information provides the Health Team of specialists an accurate assessment of your treatment options and pricing.

The MTM e-Catalog provides specific information on products, prices, packages, providers and destinations in Global Health Care - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism

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