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Health TeamWhat is a MTM Health Coach? The MTM Web is guided by your Health Coach and our Health Solutions Technology platform with a digital network of Global Health Care access. A Health Team is designed around your needs and Treatment Application. Health Coaches help provide a catered service experience of MTM products and services. A Health Coach begins the design of your Treatment Package with a Health Coach Manager and Health Team Director, each having a specific role in your support and treatment objectives.

This MTM team works together utilizing the Health Solutions Technology platform to facilitate our network of Global Partners, Providers, Hospitals, Physicians, Surgeons and Provider Products. Through this network they will present possible solutions for your review, ultimately providing consumer driven choices for your care.

Your MTM Health Team can help you navigate the MTM Web to find exactly what you are interested in. Need some more information? Your Health Coach can help you find any specific information on your health related concerns, products and treatments from our Global Partners and Health Providers. Health Coaches network within the MTM Web to find answers to your questions, working with providers to create solutions.

MTM has developed the technology and systems that process a step by step work flow through Global Health Care. Our facilitation begins with the creation of a Treatment Package containing options, pricing and budjets.

Health Team

Our optional facilitation services cover contracts, itinerary, arranging your visa, booking your flights, assisting with other travel needs, travel insurances, international calling cards or cell phones at the destination, vaccinations, arranging your dietary preferences, coordinating your entire hospital stay and accommodations, in country coordinators, transportation, aftercare, additional wellness treatments, and hundreds of additional items to consider.

MTM offers a Global Health Care Membership - GHCM for individuals and families or the Health Coach Business System - HCBS for individuals, corporations and businesses that want to take advantage of our Health Team Solutions, Global Health Care Savings and Health Solutions Technology.




The MTM e-Catalog provides specific information on products, prices, packages, providers and destinations in Global Health Care - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism

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