Ipad Helps Vision Impaired with Ophthalmology Technology

According to a recent study presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, back lit tablets such as the iPad and Android tablets greatly improve the reading experience for vision-impaired users, and help them recover their ability to read in comfort once more.

While back lit screens provide the biggest benefit, the study found that non-back lit e-readers, such as the older Kindle readers, also provided some improvement due to the ability to display larger print, and increase the contrast on the page.

Ipad, Helps, Vision Impaired, Ophthalmology, Technology, vissionAlthough any back lit reader provides these benefits, the iPad takes things to an even further level, as the Retina display in 3rd-gen and later models makes the text much sharper and more focused, especially when viewed at larger font sizes.

This research is interesting, and could help lots of people with decreased vision take comfort in reading their favorite books – books which perhaps they might otherwise not have been able to read again.

People who have eye diseases that damage their central vision can regain the ability to read quickly and comfortably by using digital tablets, according to a recent study.

Article Source Science Daily

Study: iPads, Kindles help users with vision loss to read


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